4 Ways to Maximise Efficiency in Your Business


If you want to maximise efficiency in your business, you must take two initial steps. The first step involves identifying the business processes you use to conduct your business. Once you have identified the depths of your processes, you must then analyse them to figure out how you can improve them. Here are 4 ways to maximise efficiency in your business:

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Moorepark 2019 An Interview with the Teagasc National Open Day Organiser, Laurence Shalloo


What does it take to run a national open day on the scale of Teagasc’s biennial dairy farming event? We speak to Moorepark 2019 event organiser Laurence Shalloo. 

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Latest Best Car Dealers Award Winners Announced


The latest winners of the CarsIreland.ie Dealer Awards have been announced. Read on to find out which car dealers were last quarter are best at presenting cars, online marketing and social media:

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Tips For Managing Friction in the Workplace


A workplace needs all kinds of personalities, strengths and approaches to be successful. Unfortunately, sometimes certain traits clash and cause friction in the workplace. This is just human nature. Even the closest of families or the best of friends don’t always get along. Although minor conflicts are to be expected, as a manager it’s your job to make sure any friction is nipped in the bud before it becomes a serious issue and impacts on the business. Here are some tips for managing friction in the workplace:

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How and When to Upgrade Your Fleet for Maximum ROI


Even if you do everything in your power to protect your commercial vehicles, that fleet will need to be replaced at some point. While purchasing new vehicles is going to be a major investment, there are a few steps that you can take to cut costs and improve your overall ROI. Here are some tips for how and when to upgrade your fleet for maximum ROI. 

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A Quick Guide to Small Business Insurance

A Quick Guide to Small Business Insurance

The skill set required to start a business may often seem to be juggling (countless to-do lists), fire-fighting and crystal ball gazing. Building a business can be extremely rewarding, but without adequate protection in place the shiny new empire may be left vulnerable. From day one as an entrepreneur it is essential to have the right business insurance in place. Here is a quick guide to small business insurance:

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How To Set Up A Successful Trade Booth


Trade shows are an excellent place to get the message out about your business and reach potential new customers. But you're also competing with like-minded businesses who are also trying to do the same as you. You need your booth to stand out in a crowd to attract as many eyes as possible. The following tips will help you boost your trade booth and draw in foot traffic. Here's how to set up a successful trade show booth:

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5 Reasons to Consider an Incubator For Your Business


With the popularity of telecommuting and startup businesses, many people are finding that they no longer need a traditional brick and mortar office with all of the expenses that come with it. Instead, these people are turning to business incubators, a place where people can work with other people and receive the support services, work space, networking opportunities, training, and financial freedom they need to succeed. Here are 5 reasons to consider an incubator for your business:

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Business Achievers: Anne Walsh and Allergy Lifestyle


Our latest Business Achiever is Anne Walsh and Allergy Lifestyle. We asked Anne to tell us a little bit about her allergy-focussed business and asked her about her business journey to date. Read on to find out more in Business Achievers: Anne Walsh and Allergy Lifestyle:

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Do's and Don'ts of Social Media Engagement


Social media is a great opportunity to bond with your customers – but only if you get it right. Engaging with your customers and prospects online is really best managed as part of a communications strategy for your business. Here are some do's and don'ts of social media engagement from some top experts:

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3 Key Questions to Ask Yourself as a Leader


In today’s world, business is more about bringing people together than ever before. With such global interconnectedness, advanced technologies and high-speed communications, leaders no longer have the same tasks and obligations. As a leader upholding your business’s vision, you play a central role in connecting the many ways that innovative employees might contribute to building networks of support to your company’s overarching goals. Here are 3 key questions to ask yourself as a leader:

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Has Your Company Devised A Data Breach Protection Plan? Here's What You Need To Know


Companies around the world meet at various times throughout the year to discuss their business goals and investment priorities; with increasing revenue, diversifying their service offering and hiring new talent being just a few common examples. However, one area that is often overlooked amongst small businesses is the security of confidential data. Has your company devised a data breach protection plan? Here's what you need to know:

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What Every Small Business Owner Needs to Know About Finances


As a small business owner, planning and understanding finances is usually a bit overwhelming if you don't come from an accounting background. While it is easy for salaried employees within established large businesses to have exact answers to questions like, ”How much is my monthly net income”, for small business owners the answer is usually “It depends!”. Here's what every small business owner needs to know about finances:

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8 Simple Steps for Hosting a Successful Business Launch


There’s no better way to launch a business or a product than by holding a public event to help people become familiar with your brand. Here’s how to get yourself up and running so that people will flock to your location. Just follow these 8 simple steps for hosting a successful business launch:

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How to Face Complex Data For Your Business With Confidence


“Big data” has become such a powerful trend among businesses with many companies planning to invest in data initiatives in the near term. Not too long ago, only big corporations had the means to work with powerful data science platforms. In the past two years, however, the availability of self-service and cloud-based business intelligence (BI) tools has made it possible for startups and SMEs to make better data-driven decisions that can enhance operations, improve sales and accelerate growth. Here's how to face complex data for your business with confidence:

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Top 4 Predictions For Blockchain in 2030


Cryptocurrency seems to have taken over the world. Everyone is talking about it and everyone wants to learn more. It’s clear that there is a bright future ahead of cryptocurrency and that blockchain is one of the most used buzzwords in many industries. So, because crypto is so important nowadays, here are some predictions on where crypto will be in 2030.

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Why You Should Have Core Values For Your Business


Core values educate employees, clients, potential customers and even other companies. This ensures that everyone has a clear picture as to what the company is about. It also ensures that the company’s identity is defined. For those in the highly competitive industries, this gives them added advantage. Here are some reasons why you should have core values for your business:

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Follow the Leader, Peter Daly of Synergy Vehicle Refinishing Solutions Ireland (Synergy VRSI)


In the latest in our series of interviews with business leaders about their journey so far and plans for future success, we speak to Peter Daly, managing director of Synergy Vehicle Refinishing Solutions Ireland.

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Is Your Company Managing Data Across Borders? Here's What You Need To Know


The past 12 months have seen the topic of data privacy hit the headlines and dominate boardroom discussions more than ever before, with GDPR in particular playing a prominent role in how companies handle and manage their customer data. While new legislation is set in stone and available to view in the public domain, it’s clear that the interpretation of this information varies across the board, with companies employing different strategies to ensure they adhere to new regulations. Is your company managing data across borders? Here's what you need to know:

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6 Tips on Small Business Finance


An organisation’s access to capital can be the difference between success and failure. You have to be clear about what you need the finance for and the type of finance you are looking for. Read on for 6 Tips on Small Business Finance:

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