Tips for Startups For How to Bootstrap


Bootstrap financing can be one of the best and most inexpensive routes an entrepreneur can explore when raising capital or indeed reducing expenses. In effect it's internal funding and utilizes unused opportunities that can be found within your own company by simply managing your finances better. Here are tips for startups for how to bootstrap:

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Free Online Training: Overcoming Your Own Unconscious Biases


Part of understanding the role of unconscious bias in the workplace is admitting to yourself that you have biases too. Once you've accepted it, you can take steps to overcome those biases and embrace workplace diversity. We have a free online training course called Overcoming Your Own Unconscious Biases available for Business Achievers members.

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How to Get Early Adopters and First Buyers on Board


Trust in a new product or technology has to be earned by the seller. Buyers will be fearful, uncertain and doubtful about buying something entirely new to them. Some categories of buyers, however, will be more willing to try a purchase. These are the early adopters and innovators. Here's how to get the early adopters and first buyers on board:

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From Strategy Development to Tactical Approaches: Momentum Series Continues with Third Sold-Out Event


Dublin Chamber and Ulster Bank are continuing their mission to support Irish SMEs to build, scale and grow. Over 100 entrepreneurs and business leaders gathered recently in Dogpatch Labs start-up hub to hear from company founders Pat Lucey CEO of Aspira, Ellen Kavanagh of Waxperts and Stephen O’Leary, Managing Director of Olytico. Read on to find out more insights from this third Momentum Series event for businesses:

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Understanding The Effects of Rapid Growth In Business


If your business is growing rapidly, then managing cash flow is as critical as managing sales and expenses. Here are some tips for understanding the effects of rapid growth in business:

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How To Create An Effective Sales Strategy For Your Business


For your startup, sales = revenue = credibility = investment etc. Putting together a sales strategy is critical. Here's how to create an effective sales strategy for your business:

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Business Achievers: Neil Dowling and EventEase


This month's Business Achiever is Neil Dowling, Managing Director of EventEase. We asked Neil to tell us a little bit about his event solutions business and asked her about her business journey to date. Read on to find out more in Business Achievers: Neil Dowling and EventEase:

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Tips for Managing and Communicating Employee Benefits


Not all companies are in a position to implement complex reward schemes to keep employees motivated thus ensuring performance goals are met. However, it is important to make sure employees clearly understand their entire benefits package and are fully aware of everything that is on offer to them, from flexible working arrangements to holiday entitlements above the statutory minimum. Here are tips for managing and communicating employee benefits:

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Why Reputation Management Matters for Small Businesses


Are you tapping into word of mouth for your business? How are you actively managing the reputation of your business? Here's why reputation management matters for small businesses:

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Free Investment Teaser Sample Pitch


Are you looking for sample pitches for investors? We've got a free investment teaser sample pitch that you can use as a template:

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Free Online Training: Macros and Advanced Queries in Excel 2016


Would you like to speed up your data processing on Excel? Have you ever used macros? Then this might be of interest: we have a free online training course called Macros and Advanced Queries in Excel 2016 available for Business Achievers members.

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The 8 Things You Should Know Before Selecting A Marketing Consultant


I have been asked many times from clients about their past contact with marketing companies and how broad it seems to be when dealing with their marketing plans. Often people find it difficult when it comes to choosing marketing companies to know what is right for them. To make it easier I have come up with The 8 Things You Should Know Before Selecting A Marketing Consultant:

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Irish Exporters Supply Chain Seminar Series Continues in Cork


The third large Seminar in a series of 8 Supply Chain Seminars and Roundtables for Irish exporters is taking place on September 28th in Cork. We asked the organisers, the Irish Exporters Association, to tell us a bit more about this business event.

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5 Key Steps for Acquisition


Have you been thinking of acquiring another company? There are a few steps you can take to help you prepare for an acquisition. Here are 5 key steps for acquisition:

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A Quick Guide to Outdoor Advertising for Business


Have you ever considered signs and billboard advertising for your business? With all the digital trends nowadays it may surprise you that outdoor advertising is still on the rise. Here's a quick guide to outdoor advertising for business:

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Insights from British Irish Chamber & Ulster Bank - Brexit Proofing the Agri-Food Sector


The British Irish Chamber of Commerce called for enhanced measures to Brexit-proof Ireland's agri-food sector in Budget 2019 as it hosted the '#AGENDA2018 Business, Politics and Brexit' seminar organised in association with Ulster Bank and KPMG in Dublin on Wednesday, September 5th. Here are some of the insights from the seminar:

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Agri-Food Series: Pastures New with Daniel Cronin of Oysterhaven Dairy Farm


In the latest in our Agri-Food series, Farmer Daniel Cronin of Oysterhaven Dairy Farm reveals how he diversified the family farm business.

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Workplace Relationships and Employing Family Members


Given the amount of time we all spend in the workplace it's only inevitable that workplace relationships develop over time. Or it may be the case that a business owner decides to employ a family member and this could potentially cause resentment. Here's what you need to know about workplace relationships and employing family members.

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Skills & Opportunities Fund Award Winner: Innovate Dublin and Their Youth Academy


The last round of the Ulster Bank Skills & Opportunities Fund 2018 is now calling for applications before Friday 21st September. We caught up with Annabelle Conway, Social Innovation Manager, Innovate Dublin, a past winner to find out what the award and funding has meant for their organisation:

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The Benefits of Nostalgia Marketing and How to Use It


If the past few years of advertising and brand strategies have felt like a blast from the past, that’s because many of them actually are. From ‘90s fashion to classic ‘80s movies, nostalgia marketing can be an effective way to draw in a young, millennial audience. Read on to find out the benefits of nostalgia marketing and how to use it for your business:

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