4 Simple Tips for a More Sustainable Office Environment


The initiative to reduce office waste can not only be more profitable for a business but can also help to make a happier working environment for your employees. Investing in eco-friendly options can make for a better, more vibrant working space that is both sustainable and profitable. Here are 4 simple tips for a more sustainable office environment:

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Pros And Cons of Using Personal Loans for Business Purchases


Becoming an entrepreneur can be a costly business! There are often numerous expenses to cover like buying a car, renting an office, hiring employees and so on. Funding your startup is one of the biggest challenges. Do you go the personal loan route or not? Here we are going to share a few pros and cons of taking a personal loan to start a small business.

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Some Tips For Reducing Business Costs


Does your business need to look at reducing costs? You need to approach the problem of cost reduction smartly and methodically. This is usually achieved through careful observation of your spending and targeting the things that can be reduced or excluded from your overall budget. Reducing unnecessary cost will also increase your business’ profitability. Here are some tips for reducing business costs.

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Some Things Your Startup Might Need for Branding and Communications


If you’re just starting your business, then it's good to organise some simple things that can help with your marketing as well as how you communicate with the outside world. Here are some things your start up might need for branding and communications:

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Here's Where You Can Get Support For Your Business For Brexit


Irrespective of the final outcome of Brexit, the decision of the UK to leave the EU will result in changes, and while there is still a lot of uncertainty, it’s important for business owners to be aware of what Brexit may mean for your business and your daily life. Here's where you can get support for your business for Brexit:

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Top Tips For Business Planning: Don't Plan to Fail, Don't Fail to Plan


Business planning and implementing a business strategy is more than simply achieving business goals. It inspires people to work hard, makes the team feel part of a purpose; it incites actions and ensures that activities happen. Simply constructed, effectively executed, a business strategy is a template for business success. Here are top tips for business planning: don't plan to fail, don't fail to plan:

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Business Achievers: Eoin Heverin and Tell My Story Book

Our latest Business Achiever is Eoin Heverin. We asked Eoin to tell us a little bit about his book-focussed business and about his business journey to date. Read on to find out more in Business Achievers: Eoin Heverin and Tell My Story Book. Join our...
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Why Approaching Passive Talent Can Be Cost Effective Recruitment For SMEs


Ireland’s soaring employment figures are proving quite a challenge for SMEs that need to recruit. SMEs can make their recruitment more effective by targeting passive talent. The nation’s near-full employment status means that, according to a recent survey from Performance Reward Consulting, 80% of Irish firms are finding it difficult to recruit much-needed talent. If a firm struggles to find their ideal candidate among those actively hunting for new positions, they need to look in a different direction – by targeting talented candidates who aren’t yet dreaming of pastures new. Here is why approaching passive talent can be cost effective recruitment for SMEs:

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11 Tips for Motivating Your Employees


A motivated workforce goes a long way towards the success of your business. As the business owner, you may be super motivated about your own business but how are you motivating your team? Here are 11 tips for motivating your employees:

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4 Virtual Office Services That Could Save Your Business Money


Given the developments in technology and the opportunities that are available, virtual services are becoming more and more popular. With an increase in entrepreneurs and more small businesses starting up each year, the traditional model of a corporate office is changing. This process has been underway since the 1990s, but recent technological progressions and the current economic climate have contributed to a much quicker pace of change in the past few years. Here are 4 virtual office services that could save your business money:

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Rebranding Your SME? Brian O’Reilly of Fusion Events Shares His Experience


Are you considering rebranding your SME? Events company MD Brian O’Reilly explains why he took his established, popular, successful firm – and completely rebranded it.

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6 Tips for Making a Promotional Video For Your Business


Have you created video about your business? Are you using any video content to promote your products or services? Here are six important things to consider in making a promotional small business video:

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A 3-Step Success Process Inspired By Walt Disney


I believe Walt Disney was one of the best dreamers of the 20th century, and that his dreams directly impacted his success. As Walt Disney is a huge inspiration to me, I wanted to write this article to share with you how you too can become one of the best dreamers of the 21st century, thus impacting your success in your life, career, and business. Here is a 3-step success process inspired by Walt Disney:

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Business Achievers: Loretta Ní Ghabháin and Lorg Media

Our latest Business Achiever is Loretta Ní Ghabháin and Lorg Media. We asked Loretta to tell us a little bit about her marketing-focussed business and asked her about her business journey to date. Read on to find out more in Business Achievers: Loret...
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Market Research For Your Business - Getting It Right


The business owner who stumbles blindly into their launch strategy may quickly run aground. Far better to begin with a clear understanding of what your market wants and needs. Market research for your business, here's the key essentials for getting it right:

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5 Reasons Why Happy Employees Are More Productive


I believe that every employer strives to have productive employees. The most effective way to improve productivity at work is to satisfy employees. Here are 5 reasons why happy employees are more productive:

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5 Tips for Managing Small Business Finances


Professional financial management is essential for the success of any business that is just getting on its feet. Money matters are very crucial since the entire basis of the business is to generate an income. Here are 5 tips for managing small business finances:

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Follow The Leader - Rob Roe of Safetysquad.ie


In the latest in our series of interviews with business leaders about their journey so far and plans for future success, we talk to Rob Roe, director of Safety Squad, a health and safety consultancy and training provider.

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6 Key Ways a PR Strategy Can Help Fuel Your Marketing


When organisations think about marketing, far too often, public relations (PR) is far down the list of priorities. There are numerous, more measurable activities that marketers tend to focus on. But, when done right, proper PR is one of the very best marketing strategies to build awareness with potential customers, partners and stakeholders. Here are six key ways that a PR strategy can help fuel your marketing efforts:

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4 Ways to Maximise Efficiency in Your Business


If you want to maximise efficiency in your business, you must take two initial steps. The first step involves identifying the business processes you use to conduct your business. Once you have identified the depths of your processes, you must then analyse them to figure out how you can improve them. Here are 4 ways to maximise efficiency in your business:

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