Vikas is an engineering graduate in computer science. He started his career with a corporate job, but his entrepreneurship skills made him to start his event planning business pretty soon.

5 Marathon Training Tips That New Entrepreneurs Can Follow


The long hours, the anticipation, the thrill of the push. Starting a business is a lot like training for a marathon. This summer, I did both simultaneously and learned a ton in the process. At each step, I grew smarter, stronger, and even more prepared for my next set of challenges. Here are my 5 marathon training tips that can help you as a new entrepreneur as you tackle your new business:

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8 Proven Brand Design Principles For Startups to Follow


A brand is more than just a logo. Branding is the image a company presents to the public. It colours all interactions, all marketing, and all user expectations. In many ways, branding is defined by people’s perceptions as much as it is by what your company produces or the service you provide. In other words, branding is critical to the success of every company and is involved in all aspects of a business. The following 8 principles are a guide to effectively design your brand and take your business to the next level. Here are 8 proven brand design principles for startups to follow:

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How Visual Communication Can Help You Nail Your Unique Brand


Visuals are not only for grabbing readers’ attention but are also excellent for communicating a message. Here's How Visual Communication Can Help You Nail Your Unique Brand:

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4 Creative Ways to use Existing Content and Expand your Blog Readership

Bloggers across the globe face the same challenges and one of those challenges is consistently churning out unique content that will stimulate your visitors. Often you might write a post that has all the ingredients to be awarded a Pulitzer Prize, bu...
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Being Invincible: A Successful Transition from Solo-Founder to a Leader

Jeff Lopez founded Gloob Marketing back in 2007. As we know the inspiring stories of College Drop Outs but the great leaders, Jeff also doesn’t hold any college degree, but he was able to grow at a fast pace. He has worked with great organizations li...
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