Hi, I’m Sarah. I’m a freelance writer and small business coach living in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. I love small businesses (backbone of America!), helping them setup processes for customer support and growth, and working on creative marketing messaging. I have always loved to write, so now I am combining the passion for entrepreneurship with my love of writing to build my own small business!

6 Tips For How to Find and Sell in New Markets


On paper, business tips and suggestions always come quite easily. Create business, market business, sell product, profit, retire to southern Spain. Just to remind you of your goal, you keep a picture of those white-sand beaches hanging in front of your desk. While creating a business is tough, growing a business can be even more difficult. One of those ways to grow your business is by expanding into new markets, but how do you do so? In this article, we’ll examine tips about how to find and sell in new markets.

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