Lee Sadd is the Operations & Training Director at safety training firm SAMS Ltd. SAMS are a leading provider of UKATA asbestos awareness courses, and offer a range of classroom courses at their premises in Manston, Kent.

5 Health And Safety Issues Your Business Should Be Aware Of


We like to think that we’re well past the point of having to tell people to take health & safety seriously. Every business is obliged to carry out a health & safety risk assessment, and most do so happily, with both the employer and employees benefitting from a clear set of rules and protections. Here are 5 health and safety issues your business should be aware of:

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How To Manage Asbestos As A Small Business


As a small business in a low-risk environment, the safety of your premises may not be at the top of your agenda. Yet while you may not even have enough employees to necessitate a health & safety policy, you are still obliged to keep track of any asbestos on your property. If you don’t deal with it properly, you are putting yourself and your employees at risk - and your business at risk of severe penalties. Here are some tips for how to manage asbestos as a small business:

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