Ron’s combines books, social media, narrative, story telling, dialogue learning and collective wisdom with innovation, intrapreneurship and strategy. Helping businesses to succeed and grow. He is a father of two, entrepreneur-in-residence for Sustainable Nation. In 2017 he merged Bookbuzz with StrategyCrowd (consulting entrepreneurs) and is one of the founding partners. He is also the co-founder of Ron has worked all over Europe and the USA with a variety of clients, including the Irish government, EBRD, ILO, OECD, Arizona State University, DCU, UCD, ICM, RBS, Allianz, Deloitte, AIB, Bank of Ireland, Primark, Enterprise Ireland, Ulster Bank, HP and many more. His books focus on entrepreneurship and strategy have been best sellers in both Ireland and the UK. He is currently writing a book on future proofing (“future proof you”). He is a regular contributor on Newstalk radio, a regular public speaker on innovation, strategy, future trends and entrepreneurship and his articles and blogs are featured in the media in Ireland and the UK. Ron is an Irish Institute Alumni, the entrepreneur in residence of Sustainable Nation, a founding partner in StrategyCrowd, is an advisor to a number of exciting start-ups, a fellow of the Institute of Commercial Management, member of the IOD and on the panel of experts in entrepreneurship for the OECD.

Digital Disruption: Innovation Lessons

Why does innovation not work? Why do the big companies spend the millions and the young start-ups with no money walk away with the big price? “Creative intelligence” “Creative intelligence” is about trying to crack the innovation code. What are the t...
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Are you profitable?

Scary I have read a few scary books in my time. “ Bandwashed ”, “ Future Crimes ”, “ Climate change ” to name a few. “The Ecology of Commerce: A Declaration of Sustainability” fits right in there. What is scary about this book is the picture it paint...
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Living with a SEAL: Lessons in Leadership From the Military

Business is starting to realise that you can learn a lot from the Military. It makes sense, after all, the Military have been training leaders for centuries. The implication of leadership failure is also a lot more serious in the Military.  Living wi...
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Frictionless, fast, real-time changes in customer behaviour

    Celine Singleton, Head of Payments, Ulster Bank, talks at EBAday 2018 about the changes in customer behaviour and how Ulster Bank is responding and whether TPPs are a threat to traditional banks and which new product and services to back.    
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AI As Alladin's Cave

Narrow AI for your business AI is capturing the imagination of everyone I talk to. Most of us are concerned. It does not matter what part of the spectrum you are, (from Skynet to Utopia) it will impact on your business model. You can start with consi...
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Lessons in Strategy

Have you ever been to a place where everything you have worked on, all the hundreds of business book you have read, all the subjects you have written about, all the conferences you spoke at, all the sessions you have had with your clients, all the pr...
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A Journey Through Virtual Reality

Jaron Lanier Jaron Lanier is a cool dude and one of the godfathers of virtual reality. A thinker and an entrepreneur. The book reads like a road trip and reminds me of “Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance”. The type of questions he asks are; Wh...
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The New Realities for Marketing

ARVR conference I am moderating a session at the  ARVR Conference on the 10th of May. “Where augmented and virtual reality gets down to business”. Technologies that are going to disrupt a lot of industries, impact on the way we work, live and buy. Wh...
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Green Business Conference, Wexford, 10 May

I am speaking at the Green Business Conference in Wexford on the 10th of May. Delighted to do so. Big business opportunity I am going to explain why I think climate change is the biggest business opportunity since the internet. That is beside the mor...
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This week's #businessachievers

Fumbally exchange The Fumbally exchange has been an amazing concept. At the moment they are struggling, as you can read here . That does not mean that George Boyle, the person behind Fumbally is not a huge #businessachiever.  Firemole Cork start-up  ...
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The Annual Ulster Bank Hackathon

Ulster Bank is excited to announce its annual Hackathon, in partnership with Dogpatch Labs. Brief The brief is to deliver innovative solutions around themes of financial services to enable ‘open banking’. Open banking is the vision that banks are tra...
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Tackling Climate Change One Startup At The Time

ClimateLaunchpad ClimateLaunchpad is the world’s largest green business ideas competition and is now open for applications. Bigger opportunity than the internet Climate change is the number one biggest business opportuni...
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#Agenda2018: Turning a Challenge into an Opportunity

The second seminar of the British Irish Chamber’s #Agenda2018 series, sponsored by Ulster Bank and KPMG, brought together policy makers, experts, commentators, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders to assess the potential challenges and opportunities ...
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#Agenda2018: Developing Infrastructure Fit for Purpose

The British Irish Chamber of Commerce held the first seminar as part of the #Agenda2018: Business, Politics & Brexit series, sponsored by Ulster Bank and KPMG. This seminar brought together policymakers, experts, commentators, advisors ...
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This Week's #businessachievers

The business achievers for this week are: VR education VR education (virtual reality digital education and corporate training) raised 6.7 million on AIM in London and ESM in Dublin. More here . Payslip Fidelma McGuirk set up Payslip in 2015.  In rece...
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Tenderscout are #businessachievers

Background to business Tony spent several years writing proposals for large and small SMEs, while at the same time, evaluating proposals written by other SMEs for public contracts. He quickly realised that the technical capabilities required to write...
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The Questions to Ask About Brexit

Brexit With Brexit being kicked down the road for two years, does not mean you can be complacent. The Irish Export Association just published an article that Irish SMEs are even more dependent on UK export since Brexit was announced. More here Around...
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Lessons in Resilience

I had the pleasure of speaking at the ACEI conference about resilience. This is what I talked about: Resilience The definition of resilience is “the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties” or “the ability to persevere; to attempt to overcome s...
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#businessachievers Companies to Watch 12/03/2018

It has been quiet for a few weeks. We can blame the weather (can we?). Here is what we picked up over the last few weeks: PatientMpower Three Lakes Partners, a venture philanthropy committed to ending Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF), named Irish ...
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Lessons from some masters in social media

Social media Almost two weeks ago we had a panel discussion about social media and selling in Clonmel. Compliments of the Tipperary Chamber of Commerce and Ulster Bank. I had the pleasure of charing the discussion. I learned a lot. http://www.murphyl...
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