Milica Kostic is a Content Development Specialist at Fortunly. She is also a Blogger at SmallBizGenius, Techjury and Hosting Tribunal. With a degree in Sociology, she is very passionate in writing about many social phenomena affecting our society today. She is specifically interested in finance, marketing, technology, customer and employee experience. You can also find her contributing and supporting many alternative music festivals, events, and subcultures.

3 Top Tips on Adopting Crypto-Tokens for Non-Financial Companies

While you may have heard or read a lot lately about crypto-currency or blockchain and other new fintech advances, you may be wondering how your business could use this. Businesses outside the financial services industry, such as retailers, automakers and telecommunication firms, can benefit from financial technology (fintech) by embracing cryptocurrency the right way. Here are 3 top tips on adopting crypto-tokens for non-financial companies.

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