What’s important when buying a business laptop?

Purchasing business laptops is different than picking out a laptop for personal use. You’ll want to make sure your device has the capability to stand up to nine-to-five usage day after day. An office laptop needs to have enough storage space, process...
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Five tips for achieving work-life balance


Our lives are go-go-go in today's competitive world. Careers are important; getting ahead is the goal of the game. The problem is that in the long run, there will be detrimental effects on your physical and mental wellbeing if you don't allow yourself the proper self-care. Even well-respected business resources like Forbes and Business News Daily understand the value of work-life balance. Achieving it goes a long way to helping you fulfil your work and family responsibilities while staving off burnout. Here are a few easy ways you can start.

Exercise At Work

Exercise is an excellent way to let off steam and keep fit. It also floods you with endorphins – our body's feel-good chemicals, and stimulates your parasympathetic nervous system, which helps keep you calm. Since you probably spend the better part of your day at work, you could manage your time more efficiently if you incorporate exercise into or around your workday.

If you work in a building with a gym or workout room – or there's one close by – get in a bit early for a quick workout to kickstart your day and use its shower facilities before heading in for the day. Alternatively, schedule your workout there at the end of your workday, before you go home. Nowadays, more and more businesses offer employees valuable discounts, memberships to gyms or fitness centres or have their own facilities in Ireland and around the world – take advantage if you can.

Don't Overdo It On Overtime

You may think that doing lots of overtime is a surefire way of getting yourself noticed by the powers that be, and a lot of time, that's just what it is: face time. In terms of the idea that working overtime can boost your productivity, it's actually not true. If anything, doing too much overtime will just lead to tiredness, and if you succeed in burning out, lower quality output on your part.

If you're doing overtime because you want to get more done, work on your time management skills so that you work more efficiently during the actual work day. There will be exceptions, of course, but commit to leaving at your designated end time. In the long run, you'll thank yourself.

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How to Know if a Career Change to Entrepreneurship is Right For You

There was a time where entrepreneurship was looked upon with a less than a savoury eye. It was essentially code-speak for, "I'm not exactly sure...but I plan on wandering for a while. And I expect to fail. A whole lot. Oh, and sleepless nights. Those...
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Business Expansion in Europe: What to Consider

When it comes to business expansion, foreign markets are highly appealing as they represent opportunities that have yet to be tried. There are more than a few emerging regions offering a market that is only now able to afford commodities that have be...
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Benefits of Installing Managed Internet Access

Internet provision is very crucial to the daily running of your business, and that is why you have every right to feel alarmed if surfing speed suddenly goes down. Some of the possible causes of a slow internet include an increase in the number of co...
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