Irma Hunkeler has had years of experience writing for a variety of companies from a number of industries. She now likes to focus her writing on business, technology and the future of the two.

5 Simple Things To Tackle Gender Imbalance in the Workplace


More and more businesses and companies are making it their priority to restore the gender balance in the workplace - and you should be too. Working to hire a fair balance of men, women and non-binary staff will not only create a more diverse atmosphere in the office, but it will also ensure you’re searching in a bigger pool of candidates, meaning you can find exceptional people with varied world views to form a powerful, productive team. But how to do it? Here are 5 simple things your business can do towards tackling gender imbalance in the workplace.

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What Is XR And How Can It Play A Role In The Future Of Your Business?


As technology evolves ever more rapidly, more opportunities arise for businesses to incorporate affordable tech solutions into their day-to-day processes. Taking the time to research the latest tech on the market and implementing it into your company structure can yield invaluable results. In the field of communication alone, we’ve come a long way from fax machines and emails; now with Extended Reality (XR) it’s possible to broadcast live avatars of ourselves to other users across the globe. What is XR and how can it play a role in the future of your business?

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5 Ways For Making Training and Development for Employees Even Better


Workplace training doesn't have to be boring or just a paper exercise. New techniques and methods can be applied to engage your employees while bringing other benefits to the workplace. Here are 5 ways for making training and development for employees even better:

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How to Create a Workspace that Encourages Productivity


There are many factors that can influence productivity in the workplace. If your business is looking for ways to increase the engagement and productivity levels among your employees, then you should ensure that your office space creates the right conditions for concentration, focus and motivation. Here's how to create a workspace that encourages productivity:

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Why Going Green Can Be Good For Business

Image c. Pexels

It's pretty well established that climate change is here and accelerating. As a business owner, you may be wondering if it's worth your while to go green. Here are 4 reasons why going green can be good for business:

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How to Use VR for Your Business


It would be easy to dismiss virtual reality (VR) as only relevant to gamers and the entertainment industry. However, it is becoming a vital commercial marketing and communications tool. So how does VR for business work? This article looks at how to use VR for your business.

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