Gerard was Founder and CEO of Alltracel Pharma, a Start-up that was eventually sold for $55m in 2008. He is currently CEO of Cellulac and Integumen and executive director of Labskin (Innovenn UK). Cellulac was €300,000 in debt in 2012, had no cash, no assets, and no revenue. Over the last 6 years, his company completed a number of acquisitions worth €23m and continues to grow. Expertise in growing early-stage science, and engineering companies, that are normally pre-revenue, into large multi-national companies. Devised and authored “Real Business Secrets” series of books and webinars. He is an author, adviser, mentor, investor and non-executive director in many early stage science, clinical research, cosmetic, skincare, wound care and engineering companies. Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist. Fellow of Ryan Academy of Entrepreneurs.

Why I invest in Failing Early Stage Companies

A few days ago I got upset enough to troll a connection. Okay, it was only a critical comment and not intended to offend, but it annoyed me completely.  Why?   Because of this well-meaning comment. "... call to all AgTech Start-Ups. If you are intere...
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How to Avoid Unseen Threats, That Could Slow Your Business Growth

How to Avoid Unseen Threats, That Could Slow Your Business Growth
As Chief Executive Officer of Cellulac, I often write and speak on the creation and building of small, early-stage - sometimes pre-revenue, even debt-laden -- companies into larger commercial businesses. This is based on the success I have had in 20+...
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James OSullivan
Great post...I once saw a lecture by Jack Welsh of GE fame (When GE was the biggest company on the world) and he said that he expe... Read More
Monday, 15 January 2018 15:38
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Only a Revolution Can Solve Plastic Ocean Pollution, Reduce CO2 and Reduce Over-fishing

What if I were to tell you that it is not your fault that the seas are polluted with plastic that the fish and whales are consuming? In the same way, I can say that it is not your fault that over-fishing is destroying future fish stocks. It is absolu...
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