Elena Willson is a business woman, mom and a wife. She is currently staying at home due to a great reason, her family. In her free time she loves blogging about technology.

3 Simple Steps To Start Building a Successful Business


Every day people leave their 9 to 5 jobs in an effort to start their own businesses, to finally feel free, financially stable and achieve more than they have by affording themselves the opportunity to “be their own boss”. However, 7 out of 10 people who have tried to build a business have failed. Often, reasons why businesses fail are quite simple. Things like lack of management, financial or economic knowledge, being afraid to take risks or not taking any risks at all, following your competitor’s every step and becoming invisible…the list is long. The good news is there are 3 simple steps to start building a successful business:

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How to Protect Your Company From a Data Breach


2017 was really “the year of the data breach”, seeing a higher than ever level of data breaches in companies across the world. All businesses can be affected, and because the cost of a potential breach can be very high, extra attention needs to be paid to potential data breaches and cyber security. Here's how to protect your company from a data breach:

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Loans for Startups: Small Business Borrowing Guide

If you have just started your small business, we feel the need to congratulate you. Before you start thinking about the loan and wondering if you’re going to be able to meet all the requirements, you should give yourself some credit for setting up yo...
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5 Ways to Improve Employee Efficiency

Employees are the major assets of any organisation. They play an active role towards the company’s success and can ensure competitivity in the marketplace. That’s why it is imperative for businesses to find the tools that help their workers maximize ...
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7 Eco-Friendly Ways To Boost Your Profits Straight Away

Do you have any idea how much you spend on energy every month? It's worth finding out because every dollar you waste eats into your profits. There is an easy way to bring your bills down straight away. All you need to focus on is becoming more enviro...
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