Social Media Checklist: Seven Rules For SMEs


From Twitter to Facebook, LinkedIn to Instagram and beyond, social media platforms offer smaller businesses an excellent opportunity to reach out and engage with new and existing customers. The best way to use these – and which platforms to choose – can vary depending on the nature of your company, but there are certain rules that will help you get the most out of your social media efforts. We ask the experts for their best advice. Here's our social media checklist: seven rules for SMEs:

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Gaining Momentum: Lorraine Heskin, The Gourmet Food Parlour


The latest in our series of interviews with influential Irish business leaders features Lorraine Heskin, founder of top-end restaurant, takeaway, catering and event business Gourmet Food Parlour.

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How SBCI Offers Financial Supports For Irish SMEs


As we approach a new planning season for the many businesses already looking at 2020, we speak to Nick Ashmore, chief executive of the SBCI, about the financial support it provides to Irish SMEs.

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Influencer Marketing: A Guide For SMEs


Are you tapping into the power of influencers? From YouTube stars to Instagram celebrities, there are plenty of people online who could spread the word about your business. We explore how to make the most of them, guide on influencer marketing for SMEs:

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How to Make Your Business Stand Out in a Crowded Market


Does your business stand out in a crowded market? What differentiates your business from your competitors, and how do you make sure it receives the right attention? We speak to business leaders at the top of their game about how you can ensure you and your business make a positive lasting impression. Here are 10 key ways to make sure it gets noticed. 

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Why Approaching Passive Talent Can Be Cost Effective Recruitment For SMEs


Ireland’s soaring employment figures are proving quite a challenge for SMEs that need to recruit. SMEs can make their recruitment more effective by targeting passive talent. The nation’s near-full employment status means that, according to a recent survey from Performance Reward Consulting, 80% of Irish firms are finding it difficult to recruit much-needed talent. If a firm struggles to find their ideal candidate among those actively hunting for new positions, they need to look in a different direction – by targeting talented candidates who aren’t yet dreaming of pastures new. Here is why approaching passive talent can be cost effective recruitment for SMEs:

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Rebranding Your SME? Brian O’Reilly of Fusion Events Shares His Experience


Are you considering rebranding your SME? Events company MD Brian O’Reilly explains why he took his established, popular, successful firm – and completely rebranded it.

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Market Research For Your Business - Getting It Right


The business owner who stumbles blindly into their launch strategy may quickly run aground. Far better to begin with a clear understanding of what your market wants and needs. Market research for your business, here's the key essentials for getting it right:

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Follow The Leader - Rob Roe of


In the latest in our series of interviews with business leaders about their journey so far and plans for future success, we talk to Rob Roe, director of Safety Squad, a health and safety consultancy and training provider.

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Moorepark 2019 An Interview with the Teagasc National Open Day Organiser, Laurence Shalloo


What does it take to run a national open day on the scale of Teagasc’s biennial dairy farming event? We speak to Moorepark 2019 event organiser Laurence Shalloo. 

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Do's and Don'ts of Social Media Engagement


Social media is a great opportunity to bond with your customers – but only if you get it right. Engaging with your customers and prospects online is really best managed as part of a communications strategy for your business. Here are some do's and don'ts of social media engagement from some top experts:

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Follow the Leader, Peter Daly of Synergy Vehicle Refinishing Solutions Ireland (Synergy VRSI)


In the latest in our series of interviews with business leaders about their journey so far and plans for future success, we speak to Peter Daly, managing director of Synergy Vehicle Refinishing Solutions Ireland.

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Business Partnerships: 5 Questions You Should Ask Before Taking The Plunge


Managed well, partnerships can make for dynamic business ventures that stand the test of time. Even if you’ve known someone for years, forming a business together can test your relationship to the limit. It’s been reported that 70% of business partnerships fail – yet if you get the mix right, it’s still a risk worth taking because your combined experience and talent could be a winning formula. The question is: how do choose the right business partner, and how do you boost the chances of that partnership succeeding? Here are 5 questions you should ask before taking the plunge. 

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Exporting: How Irish Businesses Can Get Started


Demand for Irish exports has reached record levels. But how do you know whether your business has what it takes to go global? Recent figures from data group Trading Economics revealed that exports from Ireland rose 21.1% year on year to reach an all-time high of €12.21bn in November 2018. Here are some tips for exporting and how your business can started:

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Preparing for Sustainable Dairy Growth - An Interview With Dr Anne Marie Butler


With Ulster Bank as associate sponsor of the Teagasc Moorepark Dairy Open Day 2019, we caught up with senior agriculture manager Dr Anne-Marie Butler to discuss preparations for the event and dairy industry sentiment.

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A Guide to Getting Your Corporate Culture Right


The way in which a business’s employees behave and uphold its values – both internally and with customers – can impact on business success. Over the past decade, businesses of all types and sizes have woken up to the idea that putting the right organisational culture in place is an essential cornerstone of success. But what exactly does this entail? Here's our guide to getting your corporate culture right:

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7 Tips to Boost Footfall Using Your Website


How do you use your website to drive your customers into your bricks-and-mortar premises? A recent study found we look at our smartphone 57 times a day on average, and 44% of us check it at least once at night too. If you want to attract new customers, no doubt about it – online is the place to be. Here are 7 tips to boost footfall using your website:

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Key Tips For Cyber Security For Irish SMEs


Cyber attacks on SMEs are becoming more common. What are the biggest threats and how can businesses best protect themselves? Here are some key tips for cyber security for Irish SMEs, things you should look at implementing as soon as possible. 

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5 Tips for Irish Businesses to Boost Creativity in the Workplace


What’s the best way to generate original and profitable new ideas for your business? We explore how large corporations nurture creativity and how SMEs can approach the same challenge. Here are 5 tips for Irish businesses to boost creativity in the workplace:

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Why Your Business Needs to Focus on Sustainability (Plus 5 Simple Things You Can Do)

From global fashion brands selling ‘conscious’ clothing to micro pubs serving ‘zero-miles beer’, today's companies are under increasing pressure to be sustainable. Here’s why your business should get a piece of the action and focus on sustainability,...
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