6 Key Business Basics For SMEs


In this post we look at going back to business basics, there are some key things that you should be focussed on from customers to goal setting to competitive analysis. Read on to find out 6 key business basics for SMEs:

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Call for Applicants for New Cycle of Going for Growth Now Open


(Pictured L to R Olivia Lynch, KPMG, Mary O'Brien, VideoDoc, Julie Sinnamon, Enterprise Ireland)

The call has just opened for a new cycle of Going for Growth. This will be the 12th cycle of the programme funded by Enterprise Ireland and KPMG. We asked Paula Fitzsimons, National Director of Going for Growth to tell us more:

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Ways to Minimise Employee Stress and Maximise Performance


Your employees are your greatest asset. Staff can positively reflect the company and contribute to your company‘s competitive advantage. However, this only applies if your employees perform at their best. Here are ways to minimise employee stress and maximise performance:

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5 Ways Small Business Owners Can Save Money


When you’re a small business owner, it can be hard. You know that it’s a competitive landscape out there, many small businesses end up failing. 9 out of 10 startups fail, and that almost half of all small businesses don’t make it to their 6th year. Keeping an eye on the money is one way to avoid this, here are 5 ways small business owners can save money:

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5 Steps to Handle an Angry Customer


At some point as a customer service representative, you will encounter a customer who is, for one reason or another, on a warpath. Maybe their order was late or someone was rude to them last week. No matter the reason, they are angry, and they are now your problem. Here are 5 steps to handle an angry customer:

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5 Ways To Put Your Business Back On Track


Running a small business is no walk in the park. It is quite similar to lows and highs of cross-country. Success is never a straight line, but an array of slowdowns, wrong turns, and extremely dangerous curves. When running a business, the whole journey will be filled with signs of landmarks; ignore the signs and you will fail miserably. If your business has been declining rather than growing then here are 5 ways to put your business on track.

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Things To Keep in Mind When Hunting For Your First Office


Many start-ups have begun their stories in the garages/basements/kitchens of their founders. It makes sense to work from home in the early stages, when you are still learning to stand on your own two feet. But if you have moved to a stage where your business is looking good for now and you’ve got a good team onboard, you may well be considering moving to a proper commercial property to give your business the professional look it needs. Here are some things to keep in mind when hunting for your first office:

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How to Work Out Sales Projections


In the context of business planning, it would be fair to say that producing financial projections is the most teeth-clenching, hair–tearing, sweat-inducing, sanity-defying task of them all. This is particularly true with regard to sales or revenue calculations. The business is judged by its sales, and your sales projections set the standard for profits and growth. Here's how to work out sales projections for your business:

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How to Make a Sale – Planning First, Ask Questions Later


I hate losing a sale to a competitor. I hate it even more when it’s my own fault! If I’m honest, it’s usually clear that I’ve messed up on one of the basic steps of the sale. (I’ve simply given away my competitive advantage.) In my last blog, How to Make a Sale – Steps of the Sale, I explained the importance of matching How customers make decisions, to How to make a sale. Now let's look at the impact of planning. So here's how to make a sale - planning first, ask questions later:

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Why You Should Reassess for Success


It is vital that you continually reassess your situation. No matter where you are on the scale of success, it is a worthwhile exercise to take time out and re-evaluate. Here's why you should reassess for success: 

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4 Tips For Encouraging Employees To Be Creative and Stay Healthy


Every business owner wants to increase or maintain productivity. There are a number of ways to accomplish this, from offering employees incentives to purchasing faster computers, but there are two factors that always contribute to employee productivity: health and creativity. In this post we look at 4 tips for encouraging employees to be creative and also stay healthy.

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Do You Know What Type of Insurance Your Small Business Needs?


Do you know what type of insurance your small business needs? You should already have several insurance policies for your business. But if you are not sure what type to put in place, here's a guide to insurance for small business owners:

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Tips for Entering Business Competitions


Business competitions can be a good way of getting some PR for your business, particularly if you make later stages or are judged to be a winner. Stepping back for a moment from your business is always good too, it lets you see how far you have come. Here are some tips for entering business competitions:

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Basic Principles of Supply Chain Management for Small Businesses


Managing your supply chain as a small business can be a complex task and can feel overwhelming sometimes. Breaking it into 5 key areas can help streamline your supply chain management. Here are the basic principles of supply chain management for small businesses:

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Free Download: A Guide To The Marketing Mix


Are you applying The Marketing Mix to your business? Are you familiar with all the Ps? We have a guide to the Marketing Mix which is free to download. 

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10 Innovative Employee Engagement Techniques


Many surveys report that employees are ‘not engaged’ in the workplace. Worryingly, there is also a significant percentage that are ‘actively disengaged’. So what can you do as a business owner? Here are 10 innovative techniques to actively improve employee engagement.

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Tips For Keeping Your Business Out Of Debt


Many business owners operate under the mistaken belief that they must take on debt. They feel it it is necessary in order to have technology, make big deals, and make payroll. The fact is that debt will dramatically increase your risks, as far too many business owners learned the hard way during the recent economic crisis. It can be very tempting to take out business loans. Businesses that do not carry debt not only survive, but thrive. Let's look at a few tips for keeping your business out of debt

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Business Event Focus: The Business Clinic at Dublin Book Festival


Dublin Book Festival takes place 14th - 17th November 2019 in venues across Dublin and their annual business event, The Business Clinic, will be on 14th of November. We asked the Dublin Book Festival organisers to tell us a bit about the upcoming event:

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How to Plan a Successful Business Event


From time to time a business will have the need to hold some type of corporate event. Business events can serve many purposes. They can be used to inform and motivate employees. They can be used as a reward for a job well done. They can also be used to help teach customers what the business has to offer. Here's how to plan a successful business event:

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Top Tips for Getting Your Start-up Business Off The Ground


Starting up a business is not as easy as opening a shop and waiting for customers to come flooding in. Your dream business is one you have thought about and planned in your mind for several years. It is your baby, and just like a new baby, your start-up business requires a lot of investment in terms of time, research, and funding. Here are top tips for getting your start-up business off the ground.

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